Sunday, April 29, 2012

Look to See Me

My first book is available on several websites in print format. has carried it for several years. Within the week, it is also now available digitally for the Kindle. This book of short stories was published in 2006: This 'Collections of Reflections' comes from years of observing and listening to voices that often go unheard and lives that go unnoticed. Chris Pepple combines her ministry with her writing talents to capture moments in life that are touching and honest. The 'slice of life' short stories give the reader a glimpse into lives of ordinary women who walk through life with an extraordinary determination. The women in each story will seem familiar to each reader. Each woman in these stories walks through life with a unique yet universal story of faith, courage and love. Chris Pepple gives glimpses into women's lives whose voices should be heard and stories should be told. 

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