Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why study creative writing?

Why do you teach creative writing to students? Don’t students need to focus on academic or formal writing styles? I am asked these questions from time to time, and my answer always remains the same: creative writing strengthens academic writing skills and introduces students to a variety of creative options when approaching an assignment.  

So, why study creative writing? Because:

  • Students learn about the keys to creative writing (imagination, observation, language). They can then apply these skills to school assignments or personal writing objectives.
  • Students learn about creative nonfiction (memoir and essay) the creative forms of journalism (feature articles and profiles). These writing forms give insight on how to compose a great college application essay, write professionally or create a family history book.
  • Students learn how to brainstorm writing ideas and critique their own writing.
  • Today’s students are tomorrow's website writers, poets, playwrights, novelists, business writers, and short story, nonfiction, screen and song writers. All genres of writing need creativity infused throughout the work to strengthen the piece, engage the intended audience and take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

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